Frank Kelly Freas

The Dean of Science Fiction Art

A science fiction artist with an awe-inspiring body of work!

Frank Kelly Freas was the Dean of Science Fiction Art and one of the greatest illustrators to have walked on the face of this earth. His original artwork in the science fiction genre endeared him to many of the popular writers and editors of his time.

The biggest strength of Frank Kelly Freas’ art was in bringing uniqueness to each character he illustrated, whether human or otherwise. His superior attention to detail and apparent love for science fiction made his artwork stand out from those of other science fiction artists. Now, 14 years after his death, Frank Kelly Freas’ new art book will reintroduce you to his life and his spectacular artwork.

Frank Kelly Freas

The Most Popular Science Fiction Artist

Having had the distinction of being the most popular science fiction artist for the longest time, Frank Kelly Freas was nominated 22 times for the prestigious Hugo Award, where he won 11 times. He was also the cover artist for the prestigious MAD Magazine from 1957 to 1962.

Frank Kelly Freas’ Fan Comments

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Frank Kelly Freas